Barefoot Merlot 750ml (California)


Soft and spicy with mouth-filling flavours of ripe berries well matched with a hint of plums and chocolate

Chateu Musar 750ml (Lebanon)


The aroma of the Chateu Musar carries a strong scent of juicy cherries and other fruits. Leather, liquorice and cigar box is also noticable in the scent. Very powerful wine that makes a great pairing with lamb, beef or even wild game

Gerard Bertrand Tautavel 750ml (France)


The Mediterranean is powerful in this great french wine, wild, hot and sensual. Slight tannins , acidic and oaky

House‘s Selection Red


House‘s Selection Red 750ml – 4.500 kr.
House‘s Selection Red 175ml – 1.190 kr.

House’s Selection Rosé


House’s Selection Rosé 750ml – 5.950 kr.
House’s Selection Rosé 175ml – 1.190 kr.